Some Reflections After the First SLC Bloggernacle Gathering

October 24, 2004

My Sunday School teacher quoted J. Golden Kimball today in her lesson about pondering the words of Christ and his doctrine. In a 1926 General Conference talk, Elder Kimball said:

Think of God. How many of us think of God thirty minutes out of twenty-four hours? There is not one out of five hundred that actually thinks of God and His Son Jesus Christ thirty minutes a day. I do; but the first thing I know, my mind wanders off on something else.

Last night at the first Bloggernacle gathering, which was held at my house in SLC and which was very enjoyable, those who came discussed the Bloggernacle in meta terms, wondering about its origins and more importantly, its future. When I heard this quote in SS this morning, it turned my mind to the time I spend in the Bloggernacle. Let me explain.

In the meta-blogging discussion, there were different views on the future of the Bloggernacle but I noticed that I really only had positive things to say about the Bloggernacle sites that I visit regularly. Of course, Times and Seasons figured prominently into the discussion since I assume that it is what brought most of us that were there at my house last night together. I have very much appreciated T&S as a forum to engage in discussions about a vast array of Gospel-centered topics (even in the overtly political threads, topics are analyzed in light of the Gospel). This is, in my estimation, a very positive opportunity for anyone interested in discussion about how the Gospel might apply to all areas of life and culture from many different perspectives.

My wife expressed some of her consternation at the time that I spend participating in the Boggernacle at last night’s gathering. She lurks on some of the blogs but never comments (so far). I want to accommodate her by spending less time online and more playing with the kids. But I also want to note that the exposure to great minds and debate in the Bloggernacle is in itself valuable. Today’s SS lesson helped me realize a little more why I enjoy participating in the Bloggernacle and why the time, for me, is well spent:

(1) I spend at least 30 minutes in the Boggernacle per day. J. Golden Kimball’s quote in SS made me realize that the time I spend in the Bloggernacle each day helps me to focus of Christ and his Gospel every single day for a sustained amount of time, much like Kimball’s 30 minutes.

(2) The people with whom I interact in the Bloggernacle are for the most part faithful Latter-day Saints and truly conform to Jesus’ words in 3 Nephi 12:13. In that verse, Jesus states

Verily, verily, I say unto you, I give unto you to be the salt of the earth; but if the salt shall lose its savor wherewith shall the earth be salted? The salt shall be thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of men.

As I sat with other fellow Bloggernackers at my house last night, I was struck that these people, each a Latter-day Saint with quite different perspectives and views from each other, really are the salt of the earth and I am grateful to be counted as a Latter-day Saint together with them. It was a savory evening, as are the discussions I have in the Bloggernacle.