From Abroad

November 4, 2004

There’s not exclusively negative press coming out of Europe after Bush’s reelection. But much of it is predictably negative, even arrogantly condescending (how could so many Americans be so stupid, and all that).

On this discussion board (sorry it’s in German), some of the comments are balanced and a few are optimistic that they can resolve themsevles to get along with Bush’s America, but many of these comments pass judgment on Bush and on America’s intelligence. The article that these comments stemmed from discusses the widespread view that America is one step away from totalitarianism. It’s interesting that Germans really look at the prevailing moral values in America as fascist. That is something that I really can’t understand.

Anyway, one of the commenters said that he hoped that Bush will get impeached soon into this term for one of the allegedly many impeachable infractions that from that German’s perspective Bush has commited in his first term. The frustrating thing about the fact that it is the vogue in Europe to depricate Bush and America for voting for him is that if I as an American were to post something like that about the German government, then I would be accused of imperialism. It is just so tiring sometimes.