Beautiful Sunrise

This morning, as I sat on the bus from my apartment to the law school and then as I walked from the bus stop to the law quad, I had the privilege of witnessing an absolutely stunning sunrise. When I got on the bus, there was just the faintest bit of pink on the horizon. As the minutes ticked by, the eastern sky grew brighter and brighter, until light illuminated the clouds, painting them in brilliant reds and pinks. As I got off the bus, the whole sky had gone from dark to light blue, and the first rays of sun bathed the tops of the beautiful structures making up University of Michigan’s central campus- structures I will greatly miss seeing everyday. For me, the most amazing part was watching the sky go from being almost pitch black, to tinged with color, to bathed in brilliant sunlight.

It made me think of the way the Savior’s love brightens our sin-darkened lives. Indeed, as I watched the sunrise this morning, I felt extreme gratitude for the light of the Gospel in my life. I remembered the tender words of Elder Eyring who, reflecting upon the night of no darkness recorded in the Book of Mormon as a sign of the Savior’s birth, said the following:

In our little family Christmas pageant one of the children has usually played the part of Samuel, the Lamanite prophet, foretelling the sign of the Savior’s birth. This year was our most successful pageant, at least for Samuel, because at last we succeeded in persuading the people playing the part of the mob not to hit him with the tinfoil stones they threw at him. So this year we were scripturally accurate.

But something else was new for me this year. As I had never done before, I felt that I saw in my mind and felt in my heart the fulfillment of Samuel’s prophecy that the sun would set without darkness. I saw it at His birth, as if I were somewhere among the people in these lands of promise. And I saw it as it will be when He comes to stand, in resurrected glory, on the Mount of Olives. The darkness is dispelled when the promised Messiah comes with healing in His wings. Knowing how much I need that healing, my heart nearly bursts with joy and love for Him at the thought of that light. I believe I will never see white lights at Christmas again or the dawning of a new day, as the sun banishes darkness, without the sight triggering love in my heart for Him.

Today, as I witnessed the glorious sunrise, the sight truly triggered love in my heart for Him. How lucky I was to have had an exam early enough to get out the door and see that beautiful sunrise.

(Of course, now the day has gone cloudy- it is a cold, gray, drab day like so many here in the midwest during the winter. But there is the memory of this morning…)

3 Responses to Beautiful Sunrise

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, blogging U of M law student . . . you must be familiar with Letters of Marque, another notable U of M weblog?

    If you’re confident enough to stop a moment and enjoy the sunrise instead of repeating memorized mnemonic element lists while heading into an exam, you must be doing alright.


    Posted by Dave

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes- Heidi is in one of my classes this semester and I do know her. She runs a great blog- I read it every day and have for well over a year now. 

    Posted by Jordan

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was glad to see I was on the list of blogs who are sending people to this site, posts like this are well linked to.

    I used to love walking to law school in the mornings with the sunrise filling the sky with color. It is such a refreshing time. Now I just drive to work 😉

    Wish you the best in your law school experience,



    Posted by Stephen M (Ethesis)

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