Mysterious Mermaid on the Baltic

February 18, 2005

Many people are aware of Denmark’s famous little mermaid, sitting on a stone in the harbor near Copenhagen looking wistfully to the Baltic sea. It has been there since 1912 and has attracted millions of tourists.

(Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid, 1912)

Mysteriously, a new Mermaid, this time not so “little,” has surfaced from the Baltic sea, this time off the German Baltic coast at the East German resort town of Boltenhagen, situated bewteen Lübeck and Rostock, just northwest of Wismar. Follow this link for a picture of the seductive sea creature. The new mermaid appeared on this stone at Boltenhagen on the Baltic on the New Year’s Morning 2005. This is no joke: no one knows where she came from, who created her, how she got there, or any other detail with relation to her. The linked article, which contains a picture of the mermaid, is entitled “Noone Knows Where the Naked Beauty Comes From,” and notes that neither the responsible bureaucratic entities, nor the town’s mayor know anything about the appearance of the mermaid. No application was made nor permission given to place the mermaid where it is:

Ahnungslos zucken dagegen die Experten des Landratsamtes die Schultern. Sie haben weder einen Antrag bearbeitet noch den Sitzplatz in der Ostsee genehmigt.