Good Luck Jordan!

Good luck to Jordan starting tomorrow and going until Thursday. He is taking the Texas State Bar Exam in order to practice law in Dallas. I truly feel for you but I know you will succeed marvelously. Rest assured, you are in our prayers as you sit there pumping your brain for bits of legal information. . . .

8 Responses to Good Luck Jordan!

  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks, John! I better get back to studying Texas procedure and evidence and stop wasting time in the bloggernacle- I just needed to clear my head for a few minutes!

  2. Kim Siever says:

    That’s all the Archipelago needs. A lawyer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Jordan!


  4. Eric Soderlund says:

    Been there. Done that. Wouldn’t ever want to do it again! Jordan will do great. Bona fortuna!

  5. john fowles says:

    Danithew, just click on “other” and then write your name. This is the new, improved Blogger comment function. I defaulted to this to see if it would correct the problems I am having with the sidebar appearing below the comments on a comment page. It hasn’t helped!

  6. lyle says:

    Jordan, I hope it went better for you than I. I thought the MBE questions were very tough & am not overly confident of passing either NJ or PA. At least PA let me type, NJ was handwritten. I’ll know by end of May.
    What about you?

  7. Jordan says:


    The MBE was rough- and it’s always a question whether one did good enough. That said, however, I will be very surprised if I did not pass, even if the MBE is lower than it ought to be- it counts for 40% of the total score here in Texas. I studied very hard, and feel quite confident that I did well enough on each portion to at least pass. And that’s all we need right- a barely passing score!

    I might add that the last week leading up to the bar exam was probably one of the most stressful weeks I have ever experienced in my 30 years. I NEVER want to feel that out of sorts again. I hope we both get good news in May.

  8. Eric Soderlund says:

    Congratulations on finishing a very tough exam. I am very confident you will pass–a 675 is all you need; anything more is wasted effort.

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