Adelbert Denaux and Alessia

March 4, 2005

Discussion continues over at the Times and Seasons post about Alessia and Adelbert Denaux in Wilfried’s explanation of Alessia’s case, the failings of the Church to defend its own rights and Alessia’s rights against the Belgian State and Belgium’s infamous “list of cults” on which the Church finds itself. Please read about this problem and offer your assistance, if possible.

I will be speaking with Professor Durham’s International Center for Law and Religion Studies about Kaimi’s idea of creating a pamphlet like those of the ACLU that explain very straightforwardly the rights someone has when the state takes action of this kind. I am hoping that some organization such as the Center would want to sponsor this (I and other LDS lawyers could do the actual work) and provide resources for the printing of this in multiple languages. Then we could use Church channels to distribute it to wards and branches in places like Belgium where Church members need to be defended against biased actions by the state.