Setting the Record Straight: Beck Loves Mormons

March 8, 2005

Martha Nibley Beck was on Good Morning America yesterday and, when asked about her resentment against Latter-day Saints, Beck replied, astonishingly, that “I love Mormons.” What about the gross inaccuracies in the book that are calculated to make the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an object of nationwide ridicule? It’s good to know that Beck loves Mormons.

Also, she is setting the record straight about her recovered memories on her website. We’ll see if the Sunstone reviewer of Beck’s book has to read the book a third time now to convince herself that Beck’s claims don’t add up. Nevermind the statements of Beck’s seven siblings and her mother that such activity did not occur in their tiny Provo home. Nevermind also that Beck conveniently left out the episode of her childhood where her father rescued her from being molested by a teenage neighbor boy. There is plenty to impeach this witness, but the American reading public, I am sorry to observe, doesn’t much care about such trivialities if there is a juicy anti-Mormon story to be had in the package of a juicy ritual sexual abuse narrative.