A Confusing Unification of Internet QoS and the World Wide Web

April 22, 2005

John and I have co-authored a CS paper, slated to be published in The Journal of Encrypted, Robust Epistimologies. You can view and read the paper here (you must have adobe acrobat), and here is the abstract:

Unified authenticated modalities have led to many essential advances, including red-black trees and DHCP. given the current status of trainable theory, electrical engineers shockingly desire the refinement of 128 bit architectures, which embodies the unproven principles of algorithms. In order to achieve this aim, we motivate a signed tool for exploring linked lists (Nestful), disproving that IPv4 and e-business can collaborate to achieve this ambition.

Our resources for this paper were largely (ok, ENTIRELY) gathered from SCIgen.

After pondering the great intricacies of Internet QoS, the World Wide Web, their confusing unification, and their odd relation to red-black trees and DHCP, you too should contribute a paper to a CS conference for publication.