New Teddy Hall Website

It looks like St. Edmund Hall has a new look to its website. (I am not sure how long the site has had this new look, nor am I sure that I haven’t already posted about this before–it seems familiar, but my memory fails me.) Am I the first or only Aularian to prefer the old look? One advantage to the new website is that you can shop at the bursary online for Hall memorabilia. But it looks like you still can’t buy kit through the bursary, but have to place an order on site in Michaelmas Term. Oh well. . . .

The new virtual tour of college is really cool, though. For all of you who didn’t have a chance to come visit us while we were over there, check it out for a visual experience. Teddy Hall is quite the quaint place! But they could have done a bit more (visually) on the library page. After all, St. Peter’s in the East is a unique setting for an undergraduate library.

Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I really don’t like the style of the new MCR page. I would have preferred something more . . . sophisticated or . . . I don’t know, just different. I liked the idea of the photo gallery though.

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