By the Way

I really like the relatively new look of Our Thoughts. (I say relatively new because it has already had this new look for a while now, so this is a late heads-up.) The Canadian theme is very refreshing, and makes me think of Autumn. Also, check out Kim’s new blog dedicated to keeping up on all the different Bloggernacle gatherings. (Sorry Danithew, but the term “Bloggersnacker” just has to go.)

2 Responses to By the Way

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL John … I came over here simply to say that I agree that the new Our Thoughts design is well-done. Only then did I catch your quip about bloggersnacker. No worries … my heart won’t be broken if some other term comes into vogue. 

    Posted by danithew

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you guys like the new design. It’s only a week old, so feel free to call it new. The original design was too obvious and a little harsher, so I dropped it after getting this idea.

    I think bloggersnacker is here to stay. 

    Posted by Kim Siever

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