The “Others”

September 30, 2005

No, the title is not a reference to the mysterious others that we are going to encounter next week on Lost. Rather, I stumbled across another Bird’s Eye View blog (the first one listed below) and wondered how many others have named their blogs Bird’s Eye View and whether I have preexisting use on the name (I started a bird’s eye view in July 2004). My search turned up at least four Bird’s Eye View blogs, and there may well be more:

1. Bird’s Eye View: “Getting the big picture. . . .” [This appears to be an Evangelical Christian group blog of sorts.] It started up in December 2004.

2. A Bird’s Eye View: “The Birdwoman is (among other things) a liberal, pro-choice feminist atheist.” [run by a woman in Scotland, appears very political] This blog began in November 2004.

3. Bird’s Eye View”: “A high level of view of the world around me” [appears to be run by a Canadian; current post is “open source taxonomies”] This blog has been running since September 2004.

4. Bird’s Eye View: “Building a living community of transformation.” [This looks like an interesting blog arrangement. The meta-blog-thingy is called but it consists of a group of independent blogs collectively called “SpiritBlogs” (click on “Blogs” and scroll down for Bird’s Eye View) whose individual posts come up on the page. Bird’s Eye View has 42 entries. Bird’s Eye View describes itself there as follows: “I am a visionary artist researching artwork on world myths, religions and spirituality. My goal is to produce a syncratism that inspires awareness and enlightens people as to the wonders of the world around us.”] There is no indication of how long this Bird’s Eye View has been part of SpiritBlogs.

This remains the sole LDS Bird’s Eye View blog. But could the existence of the others create difficulties for us here, I wonder? I’ll have to look into it in a little more detail. . . .