Jordan in New Orleans

October 7, 2005

Good luck Jordan!

If everything went as planned and Jordan was able to get his caseload in order, then he is out of the office right now as part of a stake group that has gone from Dallas to the areas of devastation from Katrina to help out in any way needed. He said it would most likely be clean-up and that they will be “roughing” it, i.e. camping somewhere near where they are helping. Thousands of Latter-day Saints from Texas have participated in this service and continue to do so. I believe that there were approximately 7,000 members from Texas doing this last weekend, although that number is unverified.

Thanks for performing this service, Jordan.

Mormon Boy on Letterman

October 7, 2005

It was fun to see an LDS guy on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. In “show and tell,” Sean from BYU studying exercise science told how he lived for two years in Mongolia (wonder what he was doing there?) and showed us his C+ rendition of Mongolian throat singing. Good job Sean. Way to represent–I must admit, you made BYU look good!