On The New Yorker on Lewis

November 15, 2005

This post began as a comment on Ronan’s thread about Lewis over at the Bloggernacle Times. It became far too long to be a comment over there. I apologize if this borders on poaching, but this would have only been a distraction from a more general discussion of the different ways Lewis is viewed by Americans and British (one of Ronan’s focus points over at the Bloggernacle Times). Read the rest of this entry »


November 11, 2005

(posted by Aaron F.)



関東に住み始めたですが、曇りの日はたくさんありますね。よく天気とかを見ると曇り時々晴れということを聞くと日本とアメリカの天気が違うなぁと思うよう になります。得にアリゾナ州の天気を見ると曇ったらそれだけでも大ヌースになります。太陽あまり出ていないと気持ちがちょっとダウンします。

その話を終えて、教会の話をします。この間新しい召しをもらって、先週の日曜日に初めて12と13歳の子供達の日曜学校を教えました。ところで、今回の子 達は皆すごく良い子で、教会の話しがよく分かっているし、友達とかにも聞かれたら「ぼくは教会に入っているよ」と言える勇気を持っていまして、本当にすば らしい子達ですよ。これから教会の歴代の方を教えます。今の問題はテクストは日本語だけだということです。今度神殿に行く時、英語の方も買います!

Our New Home

November 5, 2005

Welcome to our new blogging home. We have previously blogged at a bird’s eye view on a Blogger template for the last 17 months and were very happy with that forum. We are switching to Typepad for some of its features that we hope will be an improvement over Blogger’s template. Also, making this switch will allow the MA aggregator to syndicate the comments made here by readers to the recent comments link over there.

Please update your link pages to this address for bird’s eye view. The Blogger site will remain up and will contain the archives for the last 17 months, which will be linked here.

This remains the same a bird’s eye view that has run continuously since July 2004.

With Love From Iran

November 5, 2005

Iranian children watched this very disturbing cartoon (hattip: The Free West) on Iranian TV last week. Is this considered a normal, acceptable TV show that doesn’t raise eyebrows in that society?


November 4, 2005

(posted by Aaron F.)

日本に到着!この間ブローグを書いたのが去年でしたが、その時から特別な女性にであって、つい最近その美人と結婚しました。結婚してから、VisaかGreen Cardがもらえるまでに、日本に住みたいという気持ちをもって、こちらの方に来ました。

面白い話しをすると、今回日本に来て、大地震がある可能性も高いですし、日本に来てからでも、二つの地震を経験してきました。教会の指導者の皆さんが教会 員のためにいろんな地震の準備をするように強く勧められています。これから全ての教会の建物の中に何百キロのお米と何リトルの水があるように整えていま す。日本に長く住むつもりじゃなくても、いる間大地震が起こす可能性が高く、私の妻が同じように準備しないとだめな感じがしますね。


SLC Bloggernacle Gathering

November 1, 2005

In honor of Ronan’s trip out to Utah to deliver a lecture at BYU on Friday, November 4, 2005 at 8 am in room 382 of the JSB, I invite all those who are so inclined to attend a bloggernacle gathering in SLC at my home that evening at 7 pm (or whenever). Come by and meet Ronan, even if you are able to attend his lecture at BYU, and hopefully other bloggernacle participants.

We had a bloggernacle gathering at my house last year at this time, and all who came had a good time (ditto for the gathering hosted by Ryan Bell in SLC earlier this year). We hope to repeat that positive experience and to see those who came last time as well as others whom we have not yet met. (Someone tell Bob Caswell–I doubt he reads ABEV.) If you are interested, email me for my address at jfowles at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: In addition to Ronan and John, Jordan will also be at this gathering. I (Jordan) hope to finally meet some of you! Please join us! We’re REAL!

Ouch! Forget Bannergate

November 1, 2005

Take a look at this poignant piece of internet fiction from last week’s Times Online (hattip: The Free West). How would the press of today view the trial of Adolf Hitler, had there been one? This fiction is downright painful (it cuts to the center, so to speak).

Child # 13 for Berlin Woman

November 1, 2005

A 55 year old woman in Berlin has given birth to her thirteenth child. Six of her children have already grown up and moved out (her oldest is 34). I always enjoyed seeing large families in Germany, but I never saw one this big!

German Federal President Horst Köhler will be the child’s god-father. In Germany, the President can choose to become a god-parent when a woman has seven living children, including the newborn. But the President can only become a god-parent once per family.

An interesting thing about this story is the woman’s own feelings about children in Germany. She says that she initially only wanted to have one child but is very happy about all of her children and hopes that her story will encourage more women in Germany to have more children.

In truth, this will be a good idea considering the declining birthrate in Germany and the havoc that will wreak on social security and the German welfare state in the very near future (not enough workers per retiree to fund social security and other social programs).