Our New Home

November 5, 2005

Welcome to our new blogging home. We have previously blogged at a bird’s eye view on a Blogger template for the last 17 months and were very happy with that forum. We are switching to Typepad for some of its features that we hope will be an improvement over Blogger’s template. Also, making this switch will allow the MA aggregator to syndicate the comments made here by readers to the recent comments link over there.

Please update your link pages to this address for bird’s eye view. The Blogger site will remain up and will contain the archives for the last 17 months, which will be linked here.

This remains the same a bird’s eye view that has run continuously since July 2004.

With Love From Iran

November 5, 2005

Iranian children watched this very disturbing cartoon (hattip: The Free West) on Iranian TV last week. Is this considered a normal, acceptable TV show that doesn’t raise eyebrows in that society?