Cornell v. Coulter

all-encompassingly provides some analysis of the fight between Lydia Cornell and Ann Coulter. What is especially intriguing about this confrontation is the rhetorical role that p*rn is playing, particularly for Lydia Cornell. She accuses Ann Coulter of the use of political p*rn in her techniques. I am confused about this–is it because when an attractive woman talks politics she is engaging in political p*rn? It is surprising that Lydia Cornell of all people is accusing Ann Coulter of resorting to "political p*rn" to get a message across. After all, it is Lydia Cornell and not Ann Coulter who has raunchy pornographic pictures of herself posted on her website (reproduced by all-encompassingly). This is enlightening considering Lydia Cornell’s holier-than-thou rhetoric in her post about Coulter in which she claims to be "deeply anti-p*rn." What could Cornell possibly be thinking in writing that? I suppose she would say that the pictures of herself are not p*rn.

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