Family Reading

(posted by Allison F.)

We had so much fun being together over Christmas, we thought a family reading program might help us stay close, despite the distance that separates us. As we got thinking about what to read, we decided that Jesus the Christ would be a good book to begin with, especially with Austin preparing for his mission. We recognize that some of you have already read this book, and we look forward to your experiences and thoughts. If you haven’t read it before, we hope the discussions will help in the reading.

We will be doing a chapter a week, and will post each chapter to facilitate the comments (to avoid problems of referencing between multiple additions). Also, each paragraph will be given a number, ex. [2], to help with referencing. The new posts will go up on Sunday, and we look forward to your comments and questions throughout the week. We chose to use the blog format because we thought it would be the most flexible, however, if another medium arises we would be happy to modify.

We know that with your participation this can be a great experience. So, lets get started.

Oh, one last thing. Please post a test comment on this post, just so we know who has seen this, and also just to make sure the comments are working. Thanks.

15 Responses to Family Reading

  1. john f. says:

    test 2

  2. Anonymous says:

    test comment.

  3. Adam F says:

    testing again.

  4. Andrea says:

    testing 1, 2, 3…

  5. martie says:

    test comment

  6. Jenna says:

    test comment

  7. Aaron F says:

    I can see it!

  8. john f. says:

    This is so cool to have you all logging in.

    Just so you know, you don’t have to sign up for a blogger account to leave a comment, as it looks like you have all done. Rather, you could just click the dot that says “other” and sign your name and that would have allowed you to leave a comment under your own name.

  9. Austin F says:

    Here is a test comment.

  10. Austin F says:

    Bah, next time I will have to read everything before-hand. Anyways…maybe a Blogger account may become useful in some way.

  11. Adam F says:

    As I read the first chapter and the idea that this treatise will be about Jesus AS the Christ, I remembered the words of Thomas S. Monson: “His life didn’t begin in Bethlehem and didn’t end on Calvary”. Jesus really is the center of God’s plan. It could confuse some to wonder whether the plan revolves around Him or He around it. Not that it matters.

  12. john f. says:

    Interesting thought, Adam. I’m not sure that it is so controversial to conclude that the Plan of Salvation revolves around him.

    Anyway, we should have this particular conversation on the other thread. That way, any discussion dealing directly with chapter one is maintained on that thread.

  13. Jenna says:

    I know we agreed to read the first chapter this week…were we just skipping the introduction?

  14. Jenna says:

    nevermind, I just didn’t notice that the introduction was ch.1, I just skimmed down to the paragraphs and started reading. That’s what happens when you’re always too tired focus

  15. Adam F says:

    Well, Chapter 2 has fully convinced me that Jesus Christ did in fact exist before his advent in the world. Even then he was known as our Redeemer, a God in his own right but in all things subject to our Father.

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