Amazing Snowfall

Vertjapansnowap This snowfall recently in Japan is absolutely incredible. I hope our family over there isn’t snowed in! This seems like a little too much to be enjoyable. I knew that northern Japan experiences heavy snowfall, but I never imagined this! I can picture this in the Alps, but for some reason never thought about snow this deep in Japan. (Hat tip: CNN for the photo)

5 Responses to Amazing Snowfall

  1. Sarebear says:

    OH Man!!!

    I remember once, as a child in New York, we had a VERY VERY heavy blizzard. I think so bad, that my dad had to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home, as he was coming home early from work. I remember feeling kinda scared for him, because it was BAD.

    Anyway, when it was over, the snow was a good, oh, say 4-5 feet deep? Not near as much as this picture. Anyway, I remember tunnelling in through the side of the snow, where it had been cleared up to the edge of the driveway, and creating a short network of tunnels and a cave. I do remember not wanting to be buried in a collapse of snow. But I remember the WONDER, and the sheer DELIGHT, that the snow was deeper than myself, or about my height in places, or something!

    We would dig out a pit of it, in our large back yard, and what we dug out we built up in a curve on several edges, and had the PERFECT fort! With a few holes for throwing snowballs.

    And OH, the network of paths we would create in our very large back yard. It was truly an adventure, and transformed into a magical other world.

  2. Wow, just saw memoirs of a geisha and there was nothing in it to warn me of that picture (which I enjoyed more than the movie).

  3. john f. says:

    Stephen, I agree with you on the movie. It was utterly depressing. I am glad Japan has changed much in the second half of the twentieth century to where selling your daughters into sex slavery is no longer a necessity nor a viable option for fishermen with a sick wife.

  4. Téa says:

    My sister was always freezing when she lived in Japan–I’m sure she’s glad she missed this!
    (although Denver isn’t the warmest place around now, either)

  5. Chad Too says:

    Add to your consideration that it’s very unlikely that any of those houses in the background have central heating.

    I am soooooo glad I didn’t serve up north!

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