Downright Scary

The feds recently charged Brian Annoreno of Bartlett, IL of doing unthinkable acts to an infant.

The scary think is that I did a google search for this guy, and found some links indicating that he was trying to adopt a kid back in 1999. There are some pretty messed-up people out there!

7 Responses to Downright Scary

  1. meems says:

    This makes me ache physically and weep. I can’t bear to think about these vicious people harming children in this manner. But the question is, what can we actually do to make a difference? Crying and praying and feeling bad are just too passive (although some might disagree about the praying part).

  2. john f. says:

    What can we do? Very severe punishment for the perps. That is a must. Also, any objection to either ghettoizing (by relegating it all to a .xxx domain where it can be more easily regulated and policed) or outright illegalizing pornography? I find it hard to believe that people who are into child porn and molesting children didn’t start with “regular” pornography before escalating after becoming desensitized. Freedom of speech? Is there really a value in protecting pornography under the principle of freedom of speech? As this story shows, there are negative externalities of pornography. It is not a victimless activity.

  3. meems says:

    Yes, those are good ideas for what the government can do, but in the meantime, there are a lot of kdis out there who are having their lives ruined and are being subjected to torture. What I meant to say is, what can we do? Like what can john or meems or our relief society pres or our ward actually do? It seems rather hopeless. I always seem to flounder in these cases because I feel powerless.

  4. Simón says:

    In response to John’s comment about what can be done to stop this type of brutality from occurring, I see very little effort on the part of our elected officials to segregate internet porn from other types of commercial sites. A mandatory .xxx domain to all business that deal in sleaze, whether soft porn or beyond, would make it a virtual “red light district” and at least tell the consumer that s/he is dealing with adult material. I don’t know if the state or the national legislature would be in a better position to pass such a law. I would think that Congress would be, for the sake of uniformity and under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

    The kinds of people committing these crimes need more than extensive and severe punishment. It would be best to attack the front-end of pornography by setting it apart from our other free, albeit objectionable, speech.

  5. chronicler says:

    Meems, I think something we can do is be informed and inform others. There are ways of talking to people of any age on how to protect them and their loved ones from predators. First, identify what constitutes a predator. Second, learn how they manipulate others. Third, how to prevent yourself from being a victim.

    The hardest part is teaching your children what to watch for, then having a friend tell them, in confidence, what is happening to them, and contacting authorities who goof it up and keep a child in a non-safe environment.

    Being tolerant of pornography, in any way, is the biggest enabling thing we can do. I hear people say all the time that if it’s only viewed by adults, it’s okay. Well, it feeds the underworld. And it’s wrong. Children should be worth more in this world.

    Another thing we can do is make sure our elected representatives know our opinions.

  6. scottage says:

    This is a great blog! I am going to hve to come back and read more on your BYU experiences. In the mean time, I have blogrolled you.

  7. ed says:

    Is Rodin’s “The Kiss” porn?

    The reason I ask this is because while .xxx sounds like a good idea, how can this concept be implemented/policed? In Utah “The Kiss” might be considered porn, in New York, no way. Who decides when someone else violates the .xxx rules?

    Warning this might image might offend some people (

    P.S. My wife and I have been to France and seen this in person – it is incredible, the power, the passion.

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