Great LDS View of Christian Past/Heritage

June 19, 2006

Relative Bloggernacle newcomer, Mark Butler, brings an important perspective to Bloggernacle discussions.  I particularly enjoyed his views on a recent By Common Consent thread in which he articulated a position very close to my own:

Even if we do not take the the watershed events at some of the places I have listed as authoritative, their consequences still echo through our Church and throughout the whole Christian world and I have a very hard time conceiving of most of the actors as other than sincere (if sometimes misguided) followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And in general, I do not think it is possible to understand the history of the Church in the Fulness of Times, unless one understands the doctrines of Methodism, Arminianism, Calvinism, and Catholicism, our immediate theological predecessors by heritage, for both good and for evil – and the debate over which is which.

And many of the places I have mentioned are holy ground where those struggles took place – sincere believers willing to risk all in the pursuit of the truth about the character and majesty of God our Eternal Father and his relation to us.

If I read Mark correctly here and elsewhere in comments in the Bloggernacle and on Defensor Veritatis, then he has an attractive view of our relationship to creedal Christians and through them, or perhaps better with them, to the primitive Church.   I think I understand this perspective to approximate my own views of ecumenicalism and how it can best be understood by Latter-day Saints.