September 29, 2006

Should lawyers’ blogs be classified as advertizing?  I have wondered about that before, but never thought a state would consider passing a regulation to that effect.   A committee of New York State’s Administrative Board of Courts has not only suggested such a regulation but also has proposed "extend[ing] court jurisdiction to out-of-state legal advertising that appears in New York."  This has prompted a London-based lawyer to ask, "Could I be disciplined by New York state because there are pay-per-click adverts on my weblog or seminars, and these are interpreted as acts which ‘solicit legal services’?"  Interesting issue.  Would LDS-themed blogs written by lawyers that sometimes talk about legal issues and how they apply to the Church or Church history be subject to this regulation because they can be read in New York?  Would Nate Oman, Kaimi, Steve Evans, Kevin Barney, ECS, Guy Murray, DMI Dave, A. Greenwood and other lawyers be subject to discipline for our participation on LDS blogs?

“Case of Incipient Verbal Diarrhea”

September 29, 2006

Witness depositions are often very dry affairs.  A lot of mundane questions about subtle details that may or may not make a difference at trial- they are often used for discovering information, gaining admissions, and testing theories. 

But sometimes they get very animated. For  an amusing look at one such deposition, take a look at this one in Texas. (We watched this recently at a NITA deposition training- it is quite an entertaining look at an example of "depositions gone wild":

(By the way, the witness is right, sometimes we lawyers DO get a "case of insipient verbal diarrhea". . .)

“Encourage Your Child’s Creativity”

September 28, 2006

Today, as we do every month, we got an informative newsletter from our son’s elementary school.

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Surprises in East Texas

September 28, 2006

Most people seem to think Texas is an arid desert wasteland with tumbleweeds blowing in the dust amidst chirping crickets.  That’s why many are pleasantly surprised when they drive through the intensely forested and green rolling hills of East Texas. 

But that is not the only surprising thing in East Texas.

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Musings on Home School

September 26, 2006

I have really enjoyed reading Julie’s comments about her day over at FMH.  She has a very fixed and vibrant determination about how things are and should be, which is quite refreshing most of the time (and grating a small minority of the time).  Her comments about home-schooling have made me pause and reconsider some things.

(I am writing them here because this is a "blog on life, family,", etc., and I have not been using it very often to air out thoughts like this. I used to get a nice release by blogging, but have been apprehensive lately about using the blogging tool. I saw an expert witness in a deposition once get slammed with questions about something he had written (probably as a joke) on his blog.  It was not pleasant, but that is a story for another day…)

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September 20, 2006

unahmadinejad_rally920_025_1 This is a potent statement to Iran’s Ahmadinejad. As he was awaiting his speech in the UN, more than 35,000 protesters gathered outside the UN in a pro-Israel/anti-Islamic-terrorism rally. Among them, a tired-looking man whose sign is unsurpassable as a criticism of Ahmadinejad’s excesses. (photo courtesy of atlas shrugs.)

Pope in Bavaria, or a Thought on Homogeneity

September 11, 2006

The Pope is making a visit to his home state of Bavaria in Germany today.

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