FLSR Reunion

October 18, 2006

One of BYU’s best-kept secrets, the Foreign Language Student Residence (FLSR), is having an alumni reunion on Friday, October 20, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.  Ben Spackman’s sister Erin Spackman Rushforth and her husband Michael are the chapter chairs and have organized this reunion, which we are all eagerly anticipating. 

It is difficult to describe just how much the FLSR enriched the BYU experience for most who lived there.  In my own family, I lived in the German and Spanish houses (1995 – 1998), my sister lived in the Spanish house (1998), and my brother lived in the Japanese house (2000).  My wife lived in the French house (1996 – 1998), and her brother lived in the German house (1994 – 1995).  My wife also has several cousins who lived in various houses, including French, Italian, German, and Arabic.  We know literally dozens of people, including many in our own families, who met their spouses while living there.  We have many continuing friendships from that experience, including the Bloggernacle’s own J. Max Wilson and Ben Spackman, among many others.  It is a truly unique experience and one that I highly recommend to any lucky enough to have BYU on their horizons, or are currently attending. 

We hope any alumni out there will decide to show up at the reunion on Friday!

my travels

October 18, 2006

I found links to this cool map service on an old acquaintance’s blog (the once and future craig). The website created this map for me based on my travels (red denotes places I’ve lived or visited):

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Official Boycott?

October 16, 2006

Bavaria’s ruling party, the Christian Socialist Union (CSU), has proposed a boycott of British Airways because the company’s uniform policy forbids openly wearing religious symbols.  This proposal by the CSU was precipitated by the recent suspension of a British Airways ticket counter employee for wearing a small silver cross visibly on a necklace.  By letter to the President of Germany’s Parliament, the CSU demanded that the German Bundestag no longer book flights for its representatives on British Airways.  The letter was written by CSU representative, Johannes Singhammer, who stated that the restriction and the suspension of the employee for visibly wearing a cross is "absolutely unacceptable for a Christian and completely discriminatory toward Christian fundamental beliefs." [„als Christ für absolut nicht hinnehmbar und schlichtweg diskriminierend gegenüber den christlichen Grundüberzeugungen“].

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Is Coca-Cola against the Word of Wisdom?

October 3, 2006

What about deep-fried Coke?  After all, it won the prize this year for the most creative food contest this year at the Texas State Fair.


Here is how the Texas delicacy of deep-fried Coke is made:

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