Official Boycott?

October 16, 2006

Bavaria’s ruling party, the Christian Socialist Union (CSU), has proposed a boycott of British Airways because the company’s uniform policy forbids openly wearing religious symbols.  This proposal by the CSU was precipitated by the recent suspension of a British Airways ticket counter employee for wearing a small silver cross visibly on a necklace.  By letter to the President of Germany’s Parliament, the CSU demanded that the German Bundestag no longer book flights for its representatives on British Airways.  The letter was written by CSU representative, Johannes Singhammer, who stated that the restriction and the suspension of the employee for visibly wearing a cross is "absolutely unacceptable for a Christian and completely discriminatory toward Christian fundamental beliefs." [„als Christ für absolut nicht hinnehmbar und schlichtweg diskriminierend gegenüber den christlichen Grundüberzeugungen“].

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