Revoke “Scientology Rule”

December 1, 2006

Six weeks ago, a post appeared on By Common Consent proposing a “Scientology Rule” by which Latter-day Saint bloggers and, presumably, even non-blogger Latter-day Saints could measure themselves to determine whether they are appearing cultish to outside observers:

If your religious behaviours are such that if practiced by a Scientologist and observed by you would seem cultish, reevaluate them pronto! The best way to imagine this is to place our behaviours in the context of Scientology.

I have felt uncomfortable about this formulation and rule since the first day it was posted at BCC. Read the rest of this entry »

NEW location for ABEV

December 1, 2006

We have moved ABEV from Typepad to WordPress. The current theme is just a place holder. I will be trying to develop a better look moving forward, but this new url will serve us nicely. We request all to update their links, if they so desire, to the new url:

We look forward to more ABEV blogging around here in the near future.