Journey to a Million

I just discovered an interesting new blog run by a fellow Latter-day Saint. It is entitled “Journey to a Million” and the author, Ryan, invites us to “[f]ollow the journey and help or learn along the way” as he attempts to make a million dollars starting with nothing from age 21 to 30. Will he make it??

It seems like his efforts are concentrated on “flipping” Real Estate. Has anyone in the ‘Nacle actually succeeded in doing this? Maybe he should also think about giving away a free handgun with every purchase

It is an interesting notion to be sure.

One Response to Journey to a Million

  1. Jonathan N. says:

    This might be interesting, but more as a social commentary on our society’s values. Contrast this to a recent comment by Tony Hillerman. You once said that what originally impressed you about the Navajos were their values. Are those values still in place today?

    Mr. Hillerman: Yes. If you are a rich Navajo, it is like saying you are a witch. Because it means you aren’t sharing with your family and friends. There’s no cultural advantage to being rich, as there is in our culture.

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