August 29, 2007

What is it? What is success? I recently had a discussion about this with someone and was just curious to know what various people think about the term “success”. How do you know when you are “successful”? When you have “made it”?

Teaching Gospel Doctrine

August 29, 2007

There have been several posts in the Bloggernacle over the years about what comprises successful and interesting Gospel Doctrine class teachers. Since I have been serving as my ward’s Gospel Doctrine instructor for nearly the last year, I would like to add my voice to the gospel teaching chorus. Read the rest of this entry »

Land of Milk and Gasoline

August 15, 2007

Gas is cheaper than milk in Phoenix.

Sacrament Meeting Potential

August 2, 2007

On Sunday I enjoyed excellent talks from Latter-day Saints who have no formal training in theology or philosophy and have no doctorate degrees conferring on them some kind of inside or additional knowledge about the love of God or his Gospel. The key was that they were well prepared, sincere, and interesting. They invited the Spirit and the Spirit taught us all through the words that the speakers had prepared. Read the rest of this entry »