Riches for Good

I have recently been thinking deeply about some of the issues raised in Matt’s recent post over at Times and Seasons regarding how we might better allocate our resources to helping eradicate world poverty. Although I was admittedly a bit flippant in my initial response to that post (I often am when initially presented with fodder for thought), it is an issue that has bothered me ever since I read his thoughts. I have been thinking about how I can better help. What can I do?

In that vein, I recently discovered a blog by a friend I knew at the University of Michigan, entitled Riches for Good. His number one ambition in life is to be a philanthropist, and his blog is an admirable start. For two years now, he has blogged tirelessly about various charities, listing them and evaluating them. He has also tracked some of his own efforts to contribute on a less-than-wealthy income. After reading his blog, I have been moved to conclude that everyone can do more no matter how meager their means. Anyone who was stirred at all into deep thought by Matt’s recent post or by their own consciences for any reason should take the time to visit Ryan’s blog. Here are some highlights of a few of my favorite posts/topics:

Did I also mention that Ryan’s blog lists and analyzes literally dozens of charities, microcredit organizations, and other ways to help others, including documenting his own experience with a “volunteer vacation”? If you are really interested in acting on some of the feelings/stirrings you feel inside from time to time to help in more significant ways than you have already, I highly recommend consulting Ryan’s blog often. You may find a way for you and your family to contribute some time, talent, or resources to an efficient organization or directly to those in need of your help.

I am interested in hearing what people think about Ryan’s blog and/or the organizations he highlights.

3 Responses to Riches for Good

  1. john f. says:

    The blog looks great. Thanks for those links.

  2. Nitsav says:

    I didn’t know you guys knew Ryan. He and his wife are from my hometown, and I know them both 🙂

  3. Jordan F. says:


    I got to know Ryan when I was a graduate/law student in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is a great guy, as you already know!

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