Happy Festivus!

OK, Festivus is not technically until December 23. But, I just couldn’t resist! So stop crying and fight your father, and celebrate Festivus with Seinfeld and all his friends!!

6 Responses to Happy Festivus!

  1. Eric Nielson says:

    Festivus is Dec. 23rd?

    What a great way to celebrate Joseph Smith’s birthday but with the airing of grievances and the feats of strength. All while gathered around the aluminum pole.

  2. Jordan F. says:

    Challenge you to a stick pull, Eric?

  3. tor says:

    thanks for posting that

  4. DecaturHeel says:

    Great, great contribution to the culture! Did you know you can actually buy festivus poles now, at http://www.festivuspoles.com — some pictures there of people with their poles (and some famous people, too). And there’s lots of funny Festivus stuff http://www.cafepress.com/hoganstore/1782703 –I got some Festivus cards from that place that I’m sending out this year.

  5. […] night a group of us hung out upstairs at Natty Greene’s for a few hours while a Christmas festivus (event photos here) went on in downtown […]

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