(Facebook) Spies Like Us

Syria recently took measures to curb an imminently pending domestic infiltration of Syrian social networks by Israeli spies. Apparently they saw the writing on the (facebook) wall and acted upon it:

Residents in Damascus said that they have not been able to enter Facebook for more than two weeks. An Associated Press reporter got a blank page when he tried to open the Facebook web page Friday from the Syrian capital.

Syrian officials were not available for comment Friday because of the Muslim weekend, but some reports have suggested that the ban was made to prevent Israeli users from infiltrating Syrian social networks.

Those sneaky Israelis- what will they think of next? Of course, Syria could take a security page from the policing handbook used by various universities (including BYU) to locate and crack down on dissidents, like homosexuals, the critically minded and the rowdy criminal element:

John Brown University recently expelled a student whose Facebook profile indicated he was engaging in homosexual behavior incompatible with the school’s code of conduct.

Two Louisiana State University swimmers were kicked off the team for criticizing their coaches on Facebook.

At Pennsylvania State University, police used a photo of students rushing the football field that was posted on Facebook to arrest students.

Personally, I am planning on infiltrating Iran using my facebook account. Any facebook users out there know any good Iranian groups I can join?

Wait- never mind, Iran has also banned facebook. Oh, well. There is always the option of posing as a doctor for an international organization, like these guys:

Gotta love Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Millbarge. Those guys know how to spy. Watch out Iran!

2 Responses to (Facebook) Spies Like Us

  1. Jacob M says:

    You are my hero for showing Emmet and Austin! That scene is classic!

  2. Jordan F. says:

    Yes it is, along with so many others in that movie. Definitely one of my favorites…

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