Do you speak ‘Nacle-ese?

AFAIK all of us, including TBMs, NOMs, DAMUites, FLAKers, Exmos, Nevermos, and even Nomos who post in and around the Bnacle and in the DAMU are forming our own language.

IMNSHO, even DPC would agree that the language of iron-rodders, chapel mormons, liahona mormons, legacy mormons, internet mormons, and FARMS fundies is becoming incomprehensible to outsiders. IOW, I am afraid that soon I may not be able to communicate comprehensibly w/ others IRL without some major cog dis.

FWIW, consider this intro:

Hi. My name is Jordan. *G*. I am TBM, BIC, RM, MIT, a typical lifelong member of CoJCoLDS (TSCC as exmos would say). I heart my DW, DS, DD, DF, DM, MIL, FIL, BILs, SILs, and all my other F&F. DW is SAHM. Last week at FHE we discussed the BoM. Other times we have talked about the D&C, NT (KJV of course! We are TBMs not NOMS…) and OT, and even the BOA. OTOH, I have also read other things such as RSR and ISL. Interesting stuff…

Before I MIT I served a mission. I loved the MTC and my MP was solid- definitely GA material for sure, IMHO. I loved my mission, MP, APs, ZLs, DLs, Golden/Greenie’s, etc.

FYI, my SMs are F&Ts, where FPRs abound. I also love SS and PH (DW attends YW and sometimes RS) where I get to learn about the teachings of prophets and apostles like GBH, BKP, JS, ETB, SWK, and others lovingly sent to us by COB, located deep in the heart of The Corridor/Morridor. BTW, can I just say that I heart my SP, Bish, and EQP? Since I am not yet HP, I can’t say anything about HPGL though I hear he is a solid TBM and not one of those Sunstone Mormons. ROFL. In fact, that was so funny I’m ROFLMAO!!! J/K!! LOL!

The other week in EQ, I thought we might have an LBM when the EQ instructor whipped out RSR but it was NP. *G*. 🙂 After EQ, I had a PPI with the EQP and we discussed my WoW prob. JK! LOLOL! But we did talk about HTing, of course.

In the Bnacle, I often read T&S, BCC, M*, FMH, HL, and of course ABEV!

LOL and happy reading! If you are having trouble understanding, then you are obviously not an insider… 😦 J/K- just go ASAP to the DAMU acronym and slang directory. Most of these acronyms and slang are not unique to the DAMU, of course, but that is just where a lot of what we use in the bnacle is actually listed an defined. If anyone knows of a more TBM source I will gladly link to it…

(This post was inspired by a thread at BCC where acronyms flowed freely like wine at a wedding feast)…

7 Responses to Do you speak ‘Nacle-ese?

  1. Adam F says:

    Holy cow, I must not be an insider….my mind was swimming after reading this. How does one retain it all??

  2. Jordan F. says:

    That’s because your mind is already full of all sorts of EE acronyms…

  3. Kurt says:

    Dude, you are naccle1337

  4. Jordan F. says:

    Shut up, n00b!

    JK, LOL hardly Kurt. But may I introduce you to DB who has guest-posted at T&S and BCC and is permaposter at MoMnt…

    (assuming, of course, that by “naccle1337” you mean “naccle-elite” as in this definition:

  5. Adam F. says:

    I at least know what VRUSP is :).

  6. WendyP says:

    I’ve been on DAMU-esque boards for years and never was sure what TSCC meant. Now I know. Bwa!

  7. JM says:

    Thanks for the link. I always thought DH meant “Dead Husband” LOL!

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