Sign of the Times

“. . . . and when the night came they slept upon their [blackberries].” (compare Ether 15:20)

In my line of work, I periodically — and these days more often than previously — find myself sleeping with my blackberry under my pillow. Is this a harbinger of the imminent collapse of our civilization?

7 Responses to Sign of the Times

  1. Wm Morris says:

    Nope. It’s when the blackberry is implanted in your head and you have to receive permission from work to stop the flow of dopamine (or whatever) that’s keeping you awake and productive so that you can get some sleep.

  2. Simón says:

    Yes it is. Bringing a tool of the trade into the sacred chamber of the house!?! And share your bed with this evil apparatus?!? I fear for our “civilized” interconnected world. But then again, would it matter if if the BB is on silent instead of buzz?

    Somewhat elated to this (or maybe not), if you dream about a solution for work or a case, can you bill your time for it? I mean, it’s not like your dreams are your own, but for the client’s benefit. I’m asking theoretically, of course! 🙂

  3. Jordan F. says:

    LOL. I have wondered the same thing lately as I have had to spend many semi-sleepless nights over the last couple months with my blackberry right under the pillow as motion editing in our various offices from one coast to the other has proceeded throughout the night…

  4. Jordan F. says:

    When I first saw the title, by the way, I thought you were going to be writing about the earthquake ya’ll had over there in England!

  5. Peter LLC says:

    Nope, it just means that your compensation is such that you are closer to early retirement than a GM employee.

  6. john f. says:

    Well, the hours are such that it makes a GM employee look like he or she is already in retirement.

  7. kenj says:

    I don’t know John, hehe, me myself is sleeping with my BB near to me, it serves as an alarm, a timer, and just about everything, from reading mails, to posting entries. Hehe. But hey John, Sir, thank you so much to the MA leadership, Thoughskoto made it again, to the LDSblogs. Thank you.

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