For Shame

Bookslinger is still on the Lord’s errand, slinging his books and other Gospel materials.

He puts every single one of us Latter-day Saints with a desire to bring all of God’s children to a knowledge of restored religious truth and priesthood authority seriously to shame. Thank you for doing so Bookslinger.

His latest experience with bookslinging is a prime example:

08/20/2008. 1057. I stopped for supper at a Chinese restaurant on my way to an appointment with a client. I don’t remember eating here before, but if I did, it’s been a long time. I ordered, paid, sat down, and put some material on the table. When the cashier/waitress/owner brought my food, she didn’t seem to notice the material.

When I finished eating, I was the only customer in the restaurant, so I stopped by the cashier counter and struck up a converstation with her. She accepted a Chinese and English Liahona, a Simplified Chinese copy and an English copy of the Book of Mormon, and the “Finding Happiness” DVD, which is only about 5 minutes long, and has a Chinese Audio and Video track. Their small children immediately started flipping through pictures in the magazines and in the book of Mormon.

Your dedication exposes many of us Latter-day Saints for the hypocrites that we often are, claiming as we do the privilege of identitying ourselves as children of Christ, having been “spiritually begotten” of Him through the covenants we have entered into (Mosiah 5:7), beginning with baptism, and yet often shrinking from such opportunities to share our testimonies and Gospel materials with those around us. You are setting an excellent example for us all. Keep up the good work.

9 Responses to For Shame

  1. meems says:

    I love Bookslinger. He awes me in the most spiritual sense of the word.

  2. Bookslinger says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve still got my problems. I just don’t blog about those.

  3. Researcher says:

    I think that I can safely say that we all respect Bookslinger. My bishop is very missionary-minded and would love to have him in our ward.

  4. Yes! It’s such a relief to find a bright spot like Bookslinger’s posts when I check the aggregator.

  5. observer says:

    not bad for somebody who isn’t a member of the church…

  6. Bookslinger says:

    Observer: “Every ex-member a missionary.” Or something like that.

  7. john f. says:

    You’re my kind of ex-member Bookslinger!

  8. annegb says:

    I, too, hold bookslinger and his spiritual intellect in high esteem; however, there is a time to every purpose or however it goes. We all have duties in God’s kingdom, purposes, and to assume that those of us who do not emulate bookslinger’s actions are no more hypocrites than anyone else. I’ve been the champ at calling fellow saints hypocrites, but maybe we’re all doing the best we can.

    I think it’s possible to applaud bookslinger’s remarkable quest and resolve without denigrating or shaming others.

  9. Bookslinger says:

    annegb: you’re right. we all have our corner of the garden to tend to. Some plant, some nourish, some harvest. (And some spread a _lot_ of fertilizer.)

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