Criminal Possession of a . . . Snowball?!?

According to the NY Daily News, four buddies are “facing a year in jail for criminal possession of a weapon – a snowball that hit an off-duty transit cop.” Granted, some of these boys have been in trouble before, and, according to the cop at least, the boys chased him down and pelted him with snowballs. But the boys claim they only hit him with one errant snowball, after which he pulled a gun! I guess it is a lucky thing he did not shoot them. I, for one, am not so sure I want such a jumpy police officer on the street…

I wonder if the Second Amendment includes within the right to bear arms a right to bear snowballs? Supreme Court- get ready to grant certiorari!! 🙂

4 Responses to Criminal Possession of a . . . Snowball?!?

  1. Justin says:

    I am reminded of the December incident in DC in which an off-duty cop pulled a gun on a crowd of people who threw snowballs at his car. Most of the incident was filmed (explicit language). He’s now facing a ten-day suspension.

  2. Mark D. says:

    It seems to me it would make a lot more sense to prosecute for actually hitting the policeman with a snowball rather than simply possessing one. I can’t imagine the prosecutors will win on the latter charge.

  3. Kim Siever says:

    I thought police officers are supposed to use reasonable force, which in this case, I think would be another snowball.

  4. jazhmel says:

    This one is funny. Snowballs versus a gun. I cannot imagine the reaction of the people who had seen the situation.

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