Jordan and John grew up primarily in Richardson, Texas but also lived in Connecticut and Utah as kids. Jordan was born just 18 months prior to John. Jordan and John have a lot in common. They both studied German throughout high school and had a rule (enforced more strictly some times than at others) that they only spoke German to each other in the room they shared growing up. They both served German speaking missions (pictured above when they went on splits in Berlin in June 1996), pursued degrees in foreign language and literature, and studied Yiddish in Lithuania, but in the end each opted for a career in the law. Jordan attended the University of Michigan Law School, while John attended the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

Jordan is an attorney in San Jose, CA practicing in the area of Intellectual Property litigation, which among other things means he represents his employer in courts in issues centering around patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

John is an attorney in London who focuses his practice on cross-border transactions, finance and international capital markets, and corporate law.

Prior to practicing law, Jordan attended Brigham Young University and majored in German. John attended Brigham Young University with majors in German and European Studies, and a minor in Spanish. Jordan and John then received Master’s degrees at the University of Oxford, in Yiddish Studies and European Literature respectively. John then went on to law school, while Jordan began a Ph.D. program in German and Linguistics at the University of Michigan. After two years of that, Jordan also decided to attend law school.

Jordan has six children and lives in San Jose, CA. John has four children and lives in London, England. Blogging has become a fun hobby we both share since we decided to run this blog.

(A picture look at Jordan and John’s background is available here…)

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hello there,

    I thought you might be interested in this post on the OUPblog by Terryl Givens, author of People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture, in which he uses Mormon history to elucidate why discussion of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s religion is irrelevant.

    Perhaps you will consider recommending it to your readers?


    Thanks so much!

  2. steffielynn says:

    So I will assume that John is the one posting on my blog? Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

    It’s nice to know a little bit about you! You seem like a fairly smart guy 🙂

    I didn’t know there were mormon lawyers out there, now I know of TWO!!!! ha ha ha

  3. mormonsoprano says:

    Jordan and John,
    I have enjoyed reading through the posts and comments on your site. Thank you for visiting mine as well! I hope you come by often. The two of you have certainly been global! How cool that you can maintain a blog at such a distance. It is truly an amazing techno-world we live in.

    Rebecca, that is a wonderful article that you shared. I was not able to ascertain if the author is LDS or non-LDS, but either way he makes very astute and adroit observations. Something he did not mention, to add to the USA/Mormon Paradox, is that Joseph Smith made a bid to the US Presidency at one point. 2008 is shaping up to be a very “interesting” election. As of this morning, some real mud slinging has begun between Mitt and Rudy over their judge appointment decisions…ah, politics!

  4. john f. says:


    As for Terryl Givens (from the article Rebecca linked), he is LDS and a professor of English literature and Religion at the University of Richmond. He has written several books besides the one featured in the article Rebecca linked discussing LDS topics, including Viper on the Hearth (1997) and By the Hand of Mormon (2002)

  5. Melissa (Lane) Tanner says:

    Hey Jordan,

    I grew up in the same ward with you and your family in Richardson. I’m glad to see that your doing so well. How is your sister, Jenna? I would love to hear from you. There are a few of us from the R2 gang trying to contact and keep in touch with people. A few years ago, Rusty Taylor asked about you guys. Please contact me with your email address. tannermelissa@yahoo.com

  6. Paula says:

    JohnF, I am trying to track down contact info for you. Do you have a copy of the John Birch email you referred to on Mormon Mentality? The one that said something about Mormons should view Romney as a ravening wolf? If so, could you send it to the email address I entered? Thanks!

  7. […] Johnf, also an attorney has commented, over at BCC: I think Texas may have been posturing this to create another Branch Davidian situation. As I have followed this story over the last few days, Texas authorities and law enforcement made a big show about how there might be large casualties because they were going to search the temple. I wonder if they are actually disappointed that there wasn’t a huge shootout — after all they rolled in all those ambulances. […]

  8. Heber Frank says:

    You said: “SWK repudiated Adam-God in fairly straightforward terms, I believe.”

    So I went and found this that I remembered, to see if I remembered it correctly:

    “In a private interview President Kimball made the following clarifications: He said that he did not say that President Brigham Young did not make the statements which are attributed to him, nor did he claim that they were falsely reported. Neither did he say that Brigham Young taught false doctrine. What he did say and what he meant is that the Adam-God theory is false, and the Adam-God theory is that interpretation which is placed on Brigham Young’s words by present day apostates and fundamentalists – their understanding of what Brigham Yong meant is false.”

    from: http://www.eldenwatson.net/7AdamGod.htm

    It does not seem that President Kimball repudiated President Young’s teaching at all.

  9. John Draper says:

    Hello, John/Jordan

    My name is John Draper. You don’t know me from Adam. What led me to you is I’m a first-time novelist who is furiously marketing his first book, A Danger to God Himself. As such, I’m continually scouring the internet looking for blogs who might be willing to review my book.

    My book is about a Mormon missionary who goes insane on his mission. I’d like to send you a free copy, paperback or Kindle.

    Let me tell you the story behind my story:

    Writing this novel cost me my religion. I’m not bitter or anything. Actually, it was liberating.

    I started the book eight years ago as an Evangelical who wanted to skewer Mormonism. The book took me eight years to write. I probably read 25 books on Mormonism (and read everything on Mormonthink at least twice) and 25 books on schizophrenia. What’s more, I started attending a local ward undercover.

    Long story short, I saw that devout Latter-day Saints had the same religion I had, really. Basically, we both loved God and Christ and we wanted to serve God and live more like Christ. I had to admit, the only difference between us was the words we used to describe our experience.

    Further, I came to realize that the only reason I believed what I believed was that someone had told me to believe it.

    I was just like so many Latter-day Saints and Evangelicals—if not all.

    Bottom line, I became an agnostic.

    The novel is narrated in the first person by Kenny, the missionary companion who watches his companion, Jared, succumb to schizophrenia. At first, Kenny and others assume that the voices Jared is hearing and the visions he’s seeing are from Heavenly Father.

    But as Jared gets sicker and sicker, Kenny has to rethink his whole view of God and how God does or doesn’t interact with the world. Kenny’s journey became my journey: theist to, at best, deist.

    So . . . I’d like to send you a free copy of my novel. I’m hoping you’ll write a book review—good, bad, or indifferent. Or maybe you’d like to interview me. Or maybe I could do a guest post.

    If nothing else, you get a free book out of this.

    Obviously, I want to sell more books, but I really think this book would be of interest to your subscribers. I think they will be able to see themselves in Kenny.

    Let me know if you would like to talk more.

    Thanks for your time


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