Terryl Givens on Mormon History, Culture, and Fitness for Political Office in the United States

November 7, 2007

Terryl Givens discusses the paradoxes inherent in Mormon culture’s relationship to American society — following on the theme of his book People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Cultureat the Oxford University Press blog today. An administrator of the OUPblog has pointed out in a comment here at ABEV that Professor Givens wrote the blog post. It seems like a fascinating introduction to the concepts addressed in the book but also addresses a current issue of debate surrounding whether being a Mormon should disqualify someone for political office in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Journey to a Million

December 15, 2006

I just discovered an interesting new blog run by a fellow Latter-day Saint. It is entitled “Journey to a Million” and the author, Ryan, invites us to “[f]ollow the journey and help or learn along the way” as he attempts to make a million dollars starting with nothing from age 21 to 30. Will he make it??

It seems like his efforts are concentrated on “flipping” Real Estate. Has anyone in the ‘Nacle actually succeeded in doing this? Maybe he should also think about giving away a free handgun with every purchase

It is an interesting notion to be sure.

NEW location for ABEV

December 1, 2006

We have moved ABEV from Typepad to WordPress. The current theme is just a place holder. I will be trying to develop a better look moving forward, but this new url will serve us nicely. We request all to update their links, if they so desire, to the new url:


We look forward to more ABEV blogging around here in the near future.


September 29, 2006

Should lawyers’ blogs be classified as advertizing?  I have wondered about that before, but never thought a state would consider passing a regulation to that effect.   A committee of New York State’s Administrative Board of Courts has not only suggested such a regulation but also has proposed "extend[ing] court jurisdiction to out-of-state legal advertising that appears in New York."  This has prompted a London-based lawyer to ask, "Could I be disciplined by New York state because there are pay-per-click adverts on my weblog or seminars, and these are interpreted as acts which ‘solicit legal services’?"  Interesting issue.  Would LDS-themed blogs written by lawyers that sometimes talk about legal issues and how they apply to the Church or Church history be subject to this regulation because they can be read in New York?  Would Nate Oman, Kaimi, Steve Evans, Kevin Barney, ECS, Guy Murray, DMI Dave, A. Greenwood and other lawyers be subject to discipline for our participation on LDS blogs?

New Home for a bird’s eye view

December 5, 2005

I originally posted this announcement at our old location but once the MA picked up our new url, the announcement no longer showed up on the MA. We have moved to this new location for our bird’s eye view blogging (hint, you are already here):

ABEV: a bird’s eye view


Please update your links accordingly! We hope to see you all around at our new home. The Blogger site will continue to serve as our backup and archives for the last 18 months.

Our New Home

November 5, 2005

Welcome to our new blogging home. We have previously blogged at a bird’s eye view on a Blogger template for the last 17 months and were very happy with that forum. We are switching to Typepad for some of its features that we hope will be an improvement over Blogger’s template. Also, making this switch will allow the MA aggregator to syndicate the comments made here by readers to the recent comments link over there.

Please update your link pages to this address for bird’s eye view. The Blogger site will remain up and will contain the archives for the last 17 months, which will be linked here.

This remains the same a bird’s eye view that has run continuously since July 2004.