A sweepboy in the House of the Lord

Not too long ago, I wondered what would become of lawyers during Christ’s millenial reign. Just a few days later, I had an experience which whispered to my heart that it does not really matter what becomes of lawyers- or of any profession for that matter.

First of all, let me explain. My pride did not want the “skills” I learned in law school to be useless. Above all, I personally don’t want to feel useless. Since I don’t really know how to make anything, or how to do anything very practical (like bow-hunting, ninja-arts, or computer hacking, for example), I sometimes worry that I will just be a useless parasite on society.

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to help deep clean inside the Dallas temple. It was a great experience. As I swept up the ventilation room, the thought occurred to me that it does not much matter if my skills as a lawyer or whatever else would be relevant. If I am willing to work, and I will be, then I am sure there will be something to do. It no longer seems to matter if that work is considered prestigious in the eyes of others. Will ambition, other than an ambition, motivated by true love, to serve well wherever called, really profit anyone during that time? It seems not.

Indeed, I would happily be a sweep boy in the House of the Lord during that time, if that is what were asked of me.

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