Interesting Day

Today is interesting for two reasons:

(1) Disney is filming a movie on my street (Logan Ave.), just a few houses up (to the east). There are five or six huge trucks sitting on either side of the street and crew walking all around.

(2) A church group came and mowed my front lawn as a service project. For all the flack that the Church gets in the Bloggernacle for not being friendly enough etc., I must admit that I have never seen members of another church besides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go around the neighborhood doing random service projects for neighbors. I never saw it happen in Dallas, Connecticut, or here in Salt Lake City–it certainly has never happened to my own family during my life. But today, people from the K2 church here in SLC–a new capuccino-serving church in the area–showed up on our street and after mowing across the street from us, came over and offered to mow ours too. That was very nice of them.

2 Responses to Interesting Day

  1. Stephen says:

    In Wichita Falls the young men used to do a lot of lawn mowing. We did have the interesting case of one sister, who had a son in the young men, who decided that the rest of them ought to mow her yard, for free, once a week.

    That eventually led to a discontinuance and the suggestion that perhaps her son could mow once in a while.

    But interesting stuff.

    What is Disney filming?

  2. john f. says:

    It is a film called “Ruff Times.”

    An older neighbor down the street said that they used her house in Sandlot, so I’ll have to check that movie more closely now.

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