Sorry, English learner

I was amused to see the following referral to our humble site by someone asking the Hong Kong Google site “what does birds eye view mean?” Check out the query here.

This was amusing for two reasons:

(1) The pun involved in the title of this blog can obscure the true nature of the idiom. The only reason, really, that this blog carries this name is because our family name is “Fowles,” which, if you remove the “e” becomes “fowls” which is an old-fashioned or (now) technical/context-specific way to say “birds” in English. In fact, for those who think I am “myopic” because of my views (sorry Jordan, for sullying you by association), the name of this blog becomes extremely ironic, since the idiom “a bird-s eye view” implies unimpeded sight, perhaps even far-sightedness.

(2) At the time that this search was entered, Jordan’s post about our non-sensical, computer generated “joint paper” on “Internet QoS and the WWW” was the current post on the main page. This post was likely to confuse any learner of English beyond belief, since the sentences in the joint paper don’t make any sense due to the ad-libbed nature of the joke.

So, English learner, I am sorry that you ended up on this blog with your query as to what this idiom means. A dictionary website might be of more help.

One Response to Sorry, English learner

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a reminder that blogs have a potentially global readership. The arm of the Bloggernacle has grown long indeed. 

    Posted by Dave

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